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Will You Marry Me? 7 Unique Proposal Ideas

1. Proposing on an outdoor ice skating rink at night is a very romantic way to pop that all important question. Make it even cooler (pardon the pun) by organizing for the rink's staff to line up, take off their jackets revealing t-shirts each with a single word spelling out, 'will you marry me?'. Carefully get down on one knee (hopefully not for too long!).

2. Spend the day walking around your City with your future betrothed. As you

stroll along, suggest that you sit down for a caricature of the two of you as a couple. Arrange for a friend to request that the artist draws you on one knee proposing to your partner when you are sitting down in front of the artist. Once the artist turns the picture around, get down on one knee just like the caricature version of you!

3. For a really unique way of proposing to the love of your life, rent either a Vespa or a tandem bicycle for the day. Have the question,

'Will you marry me?' printed on the back of your helmet (for a less costly alternative, place a sticker with the question printed onto it). Speed around the city until they notice... hopefully without falling off the bike!!

4. Vineyards make for a very romantic proposal spot. Over a plate of cheese at sunset, ask for the waiter to bring you his best bottle of wine. Prior to your arrival, you will have given the vineyard a personalized label with your names on, the date and the words, 'will you marry me?' for them to stick onto the bottle of their own wine. Instruct the waiter to place the bottle on the table with the label facing your partner after they have poured two glasses. Get down on one knee when you see your partners face light up.... cheers!

5. Take your partner for a romantic evening meal on a boat. As you are eating,

arrange for a friend or the owner of the boat to cover the name of the boat with a banner that reads, 'will you marry me?' As you are walking away, tell your parter to turn around and wave goodbye to the boat. Wait for her to turn around to find you on one knee, ring in hand!

Organize for a photographer to take a quick snap of the special moment.

6. On a breezy afternoon, take your partner to the park along with a kite or

two. Have the question, 'will you marry me?' written on the underside of your kite. Make sure the words aren't too small and the string isn't too long to ensure that your partner is able to see the most important question they will ever be asked by you.

7) Take your partner to an 'art gallery opening'. Have large pictures dotted around the gallery of the two of you and the magic moments you enjoyed together over the course of your relationship. For the final picture in

the gallery, have a cloth draped over it. Remove the cloth revealing a large piece of card with the question, 'will you marry me?' written on it. Get down on one knee and wait for you partner to scream, 'YES, YES, YES!'

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